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from 23rd to 25th of December, 2017

  Daidogei Worldcup in Shizuoka 2017:Double Champion!


  Performance in Austria, 2017
From May 27th to June 19th,

Producer Mr. Folke Tegetthoff (CEO of Wonderworld of Words GmbH) invited us in Austrian traditional festival
"Internatonal Storytelling Festival" and King Hailun visited

LINZ, GRAZ, WIEN and Bad Schönau.

■ King HAILUN  Handstanding on stacked chairs, Whipcord Master, Masquerade - Magic Face, Pot Juggling, Water Meteor, Whistling (birdcall), Flag Dance, Chinese Lion Dance
In 1979, he was born in Hebei, P.R.China.
His Great-grandfather, Grandfather, and Father were also Chines acrobat performers, and he has received their special education.
In 1985, only six years old, he entered an acrobat school in Hebei, and in 1992, entered the Hebei Acrobat Team. He joined many plays in U.S. and Europe, drew loud applause from the audiences.
Receive the Gold prise in the Hebei Acrobat Competition in 1998.
After 2000, he change the stronghold to Japan, and has appeared many TV shows and commercials. Also he has joined and played many stages all around the World.
■ Handstanding on stacked chairs  Performer: King Hailun
 Supreme balance performance!
(We can deliver chairs and equipments abroad easily.)
■ Whipcord Master  Performer: King Hailun
 He makes super skills with whipcord!

← on TV show

■ Pot Juggling  Performer: King Hailun
 Not only Juggling but comedy!
■ Whistling (birdcall)  Performer: King Hailun
 His Grandfater was the most famous whistling player in China and Hailun has received his skills.
■ Flag Dance Performer: King Hailun
 Intangible Cultural Heritage in China
■ Masquerade - Magic Face  Performer: King Hailun, Mr. Haibo, Ms. Yue Zheng
 It's a traditional magic nobody knows how they do it!
■ Water Meteor  Performer: King Hailun, Mr. Chunguan
 Meteor derives from Antique Rome.
■ Chinese Lion Dance for Celebration!  Performer: King Hailun, Mr. Haibo, Mr. Chunguan
北方獅子舞 南方獅子舞

Other members
■ Unicycle  Performer: Ms. Lei Zheng
 Two meter-high unicycle!
■ Chinese Juggling  Performer: Mr. Haibo
 Jugglings derive from China.
■ Head Balance  Performer: Ms. Jing Yu
 Marvelous head balance of her!
■ Hula-hooping  Performer: JOJO
 Finally, she hula-hoops fifty!
■ Tube Passenger  Performer: JOJO, Ms. Wei Liu
 Her flexibe body goes through the tube 30 centimeters in diameter!
■ Spinning Plates  Performer: Ms. Lei Zheng, JOJO, Ms. Yue Zheng, Ms. Jing Yu
 Corps de ballet with six dishes!
■ Diablo  Performer: Ms. Lei Zheng, Ms. Yue Zheng, Ms. Jing Yu, Ms. Wei Liu
 Diablo also derives from China.
■ Speed Balls  Performer: Ms. Yue Zheng
 Bounce Juggling with tapping
■ Rolling Balance  Performer: Mr. Chunguan
 He keeps his balance on four cylinders!