CHO KAIRIN, King of Chinese Acrobats, was born in Hebei, P.R.China. His hometown is one of the famous historical place of Chinese Acrobat.
His Great-grandfather, Grandfather, and Father were also Chinese acrobat performers, and he has received their special education.
In 1985, only six years old, he entered an acrobat school in Hebei, and in 1992, entered the Hebei Public Acrobat Team. He joined many performances in U.S. and Europe, drew loud applause from the audiences. He receives the Gold prize in the Hebei Acrobat Competition in 1998.

After 2000, he changes the stronghold to Japan, and has appeared many TV shows and commercial films. Also he has joined and performed many stages all around the World. In 2017, he won the World Champion of Daidogei (performers) World Cup in Shizuoka, Japan.

Hand-standing on stacked chairs 10min

Supreme balance performance!
It’s his forte.

Masquerade – Magic Face 5min

It’s a traditional magic that nobody knows how he does!

Whipcord Master 7min

He makes super skills with whipcord! You may enjoy this helping him on the stage.

Flag Dance 6min

He arranges an intangible Cultural Heritage in China to a super performance.

Pot Juggling 5min

It’s not only a traditional Juggling but also a funny, skillful performance.